ProOffice 5.0 – Whats New

ProOffice 5.0 has been released! The most important new functions are: 

  • New User Interface with full HD support, responsive design and adaptive...

Free ArcGIS Performance calibration tool availabe

The successor of MXDPerfStat is ready to download ...

WebOffice KANIS & Minecraft

A public Sewage Mapping and Information System (KANIS) can be used for many purposes.

In Vienna, a Minecraft model of the sewage system is being...

WebOffice 10.4: What's New

The current WebOffice Release 10.4 is now available. Enjoy numerous benefits and new functions:

Landing Page

Various new functions allow...

BAYSIS WebOffice goes online

Public portal for road information in Bavaria

WebOffice 10R2 SP2 available for download

Comming with new features in administration and use of all clients

Wiener Netze go live with ArcFM UT

Multi-Utility Editing for Electricity- and Gas-Networks

Story Map: A journey through Star Wars Filming Locations

Recently, Star Wars Episode 7 was released in the cinemas. A fan created a story map through all filming locations since the 70ies which are...