Whether infrastructure, buildings, green spaces, equipment or other objects: SynerGIS ProOffice supports you with recurring workflows. This allows you to maintain an overview and save valuable resources.

Efficient organization of recurring work processes

No matter whether buildings, infrastructure, green spaces or equipment: plan, carry out, check & document recurring work tasks.

Maintain a clear overview with integrated maps

GIS & CAD integration allows you to locate your objects on maps or plans. This gives you a constant overview of your land plots, green spaces and many futher objects.

Work via Internet browser on the desktop or mobile devices

Input without software installation in the browser, touch screen & GPS support, if required also offline

The ProOffice Platform

With ProOffice, you benefit from our long-term project experience and access practice-proven process and object structures.

You will use the advantages of a standard software with a broad customer base and avoid in-house developments. Especially the use as a hosted solution in our cloud offers data security, updates and availability. Of course, you can also use ProOffice in your own IT environment if you wish.

ProOffice Platform – more Information

ProOffice Solutions ProOffice is adapted to your tasks by a combination of solutions and extensions. Here is an overview of the most important solutions:

Facility Management

As a municipality, authority, educational institution or building service provider, you own, use or manage a large number of properties. You need software that enables you to keep an eye on your documents, appointments and tasks.

ProOffice Facility Management Solutions


As an owner of trees, green areas and playgrounds or as an operator of water supply facilities and cemeteries, you must carry out maintenance, document quality and traffic safety and optimise costs and benefits. All processes are centrally controlled with ProOffice.

ProOffice Solutions Infrastructure


As the plant operator, you are responsible for operational safety. To do this, you need an overview of your devices and systems, their properties and spatial position in your software. You will be confronted with growing requirements for which ProOffice supports you.

ProOffice Maintenance Solutions

Business Management

Every organisation has a large number of different contracts (e.g. lease, use, maintenance, insurance, energy, cleaning). Through their structured recording in a contract management software you create the basis for correct decisions.

ProOffice Solutions Business Management